Friday, October 22, 2010

Lost but not forgotten.....

I love specific designers & follow then religiously but I really love vintage "no name" dime store jewelry. I think I may have found a niche in this huge industry. Sometimes a little sparkle can make a drab outfit come alive. I have found a whole new community of jewelry collector's out there that I didn't know existed. I especially loved a recent Ebay sale of a Alice Caviness Bib necklace set. I was given a huge bag of so called "junk" jewelry peices by a friend to make upcycled new items for my Etsy shoppe. I got out my magnify glass & discovered names on these little treasures. Caviness,Reinad,Marvella,Ciner,Vendome & many more. She is giving another bag of bobbles soon & I also have a connection in North Carolina who goes to auctions out there & ships them to me in California. My shed is filled with past finds that I had forgotten about too. So I look forward to setting up this little cottage industry along side my own designs at The Virtual Hippy & The Altered Angel.

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