Friday, April 1, 2011

1910 Hippie Logo?

I did this logo because I play guitar & dress like this 1910 french gypsy girl. I was amazed at the simularities of the 60's "Hippie" fashion in this old postcard I aquired. I tweeked it a bit to make my art design header for my ME page over at Ebay a few years ago & now I plan to use it as a hang tag for my items at the flea market. I live her. Some of the many postcards I aquire these aand they are public domain so they can be use for all kinds of great items.

Friday, March 25, 2011

An outrageous use of 1st ammendment rights...

I actually saw 2 people on a busy street in my small county dressed like Hilter & carrying a petition to impeach President Obama? What did he do wrong? He just picked up the tab from the last guy? I'm not a pigeon holed liberal just a disgusted Daughter of a WWII Vet! Read your history books idiots? Hitler mustaches? Come on now? He is a citizen whether you teabaggers like it or not! Hawaii is a State the last time I checked? Will you question Palin on her Alaska Status if she runs? They were even in the rain. He may not be re-elected but he isn't going anywhere to soon. So come out from behind your sheets,Grrrrrr......This is normally a fashion & art history blog but I just couldn't help myself! The only thing fashionable about these losers were there umbrellas,lol....

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The type of vintage things I sell & collect.

Stunning set of deco style 14kt./Sterling with blue & clear crystal stones on screwback setting,est. 1930's

Spaghetti Poodles from the 1950's

Crazy 1960's & 70's romance comics

Hollycraft 1951 signed sweater pin set

back side of Posket Ben watch
"Poppy Design"

"Pocket Ben" by Westclox

Kodak camera lens hood lot with extras & a bonus paperback book not shown

MINT! Mother of Pearl & glass jade with seed bead accents & flower clasp. Marked JAPAN & est. 1950's. Fabulous & so clean it looks like new. No flaws at all.

1800's braided hair locket. This peice is enclosed in brass with a glass face. These were kept in the pocket of a loved one during the Civil War & traveling to remember their loved ones

Stunning Sterling & Crystal dangles. Very art deco engraved design. The clear stones are bezel set. It's hard to pass these on!!

14kt. with a nice ruby. Great for the July baby in the family or maybe the gambler. Very unisex. No chain.
These are the best rhinestone peice in my collection. They are Albert Weiss. Signed on the back. AB stones set in goldtone & they have the sweetest little drop pear shaped stone dangle. Clip on.
Nice set of clear crystal bicone "Laguna" earrings. Signed on back.

1950's sterling & crystal earrings marked sterling. Nice holiday accessory. They have a great prism in the sunlight too!

Another pair of sterling & crystal earrings. Just stunning for the winter holidays. Marked sterling.

Faux pearl & rhinestone rondell necklace. Classic & well worn but still in good condition.

This set is so unusual. It is fucshia,gold
& black. The beads are a great combo of add shapes with wisps of paint on the gold beads. Glas & marked West Germany. The set includes matching earrings. Great for goth & pirate lovers!

Memory wire inspired,vintage bracelet. The beads are glass black with alot of facets attached with spacers & little beads stringers with rondells in clear rhinestones in silver setting. Great vintage peice for an ultra modern gal.

Stunning faux freshwater pearl,clear goldtone rondell & AB beads with matching earrings
I love this set & it is hard to part with. It is one of the best I've seen in 20 years. Clean & mint!

1/2012kt G.F. in a geometric Cleopatra design. Very deco. & well made. Marked with an unknown maker. It has a low case "t" & an upper case "P" interwined & marked 1/2012ktG.F.

Large ROLO design choker with 34 rhinestones attached with prongs not glue! on the links. Easy to wear with it's lightweight design. Great safety clasp. Not signed but very Sarah Coventry quality.

This is rare REINAD choker. You don't find these items anymore intact. It's a Hugs & Kisses design. Very heavy chain & beads & is very unisex as well

SOLD on Desember 13th,2010 for $79.99!

Striking enamel NORWAY sterling choker. It's marked Norway sterling with unkown mark of MW intertwined. Very mint & goes well with pearls. Highly sought after.