Wednesday, October 20, 2010

History repeating itself........

I grew up near San Francisco during the 60's & 70's. So it was an exciting time in fashion. But usually by mistake. Janis Joplin & The Beatles are very copied in today's world. Joss Stone,The Jonas Brothers Suits, to name a few. I see the influence that the fashion industry is going towards with the so called retro look. But the skinny jeans,faux fur jackets,platforms in wood? Come on now kids? We had Pegged Pants aka Skinny Jeans? Remember the Beatles attire on Sullivan's show? My Mom wore Amy Winehouse's attire to the tee! No mascara & only blue eyeshadow with heavy liner & red lips? Ratted hair,as high as you could get it with a boat load of the ol' Aqua Net,OJ cans with bobby pins & Dippity Doo was a part of any 60's fashion regimen. We wore crocheted hats,chokers,hip huggers,hot pants,dog collar sweaters,mood rings,knee socks with pleated mini skirts aka Britney Spears School Girl Look,tight cordouroy jackets,holey Levis........ Snooky's bumped hair? She is the reincarnation of my cousin Peggy who wore white lipstick & go go boots. The shorter the dress & the higher the platform was my only goal in life at 15 in 1973. I love all the looks I see around me but it is just history repeating itself.

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