Wednesday, January 24, 2007

George Jetson & the demise of the quill......

I guess when all those guys were signing the Declaration of Independence with that big Ol' Ostrich plume,they had no idea that one day there may be no need for the ink filled contraption. I recently had a friend move faraway & she has no computer or desire to own one,so email was out & calling each other was costing us a fortune,so I picked up a pen & started to write. I was thinking that it had been years since I had truly written a real letter. Not just a thank you note,but a detailed accounting of my monthly adventures. I realized that I now look forward to those little gifts of words I receive each month. Handwritten by someone I care about. I make walnut ink & my neighbor gave me an old fashion fountian pen as a Christmas gift. It's not the kind with a cartridge,but the same type used in 1776. I tried it & 1 dip lasted about 2 lines. I was quite surprised,so I decided to write an entire letter in walnut ink to my friend. It's actually an art form now! It takes a canvas & ink,right? So I got to thinking that even a typewriter is extinct? I now dismantle them for altered art pieces. Well! If you're a "Boomer" than you'll know what I mean when I say,"I think we have finally become The Jetson's!!" From George Washington to George Jetson,hmmm.........I'll take the quill anyday!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Animals & Art .....

Some of my favorite ACEO Artists!

On a Diet by Lisa Roller

Dump Night Date by SueB AKA aligatorsue

The 3 Tenors by the late Luna Rivera AKA Lun8

"Lost in Thought" by Winafret L. Burns

Here is the reason I buy from Windy. The photo below shows how she captured my long departed "Mister",by chance,so well......