Friday, October 22, 2010

Discrimination in fashion???

I live very rural & it's assumed that when you live in a small town that you are unaware of the fashion world outside,in the "Big City"? Well I live in the wine country region of Northern California. We are a small community of 2500 or so. I grew up near San Francisco & spent my summers in Long Beach. I know the high life & the low life. I get aggrevated when I'm pigeon holed into the so called "Hick" lifestyle. I've loved fashion all my life. I designed clothes with my Mother as a child when we had very little cash on hand. We would buy one Simplicity pattern and tweek it a bit & then I would design my own fashions in highschool with thrift store finds like 1940 fur sweaters,beaded sweater,poodle coats,etc. So just because we live in small towns & we are not a size 0,we too have style & are aware of the "Big City" style out there. I buy online most of the time anyway?

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