Sunday, September 19, 2010

A vintage love affair....

I've been collecting vintage jewelry for years and luckily I have a business that gives me access to free items that would be destined for the landfill. We,my hubby & I, have had a real estate business for 19 years now,where I am a interior design stager/handywoman and he does the landscaping on properties that are for sale. The people hire us to clean out all objects from attics to garages & you would not believe what people leave behind. Everything from old photos to vintage jewelry & fabulous furniture from the 30's & 50's too. I sell at our local flea market & at my house for an occasional yardsale but lately I've noticed a good market online at Ebay & I've decided to go into the vintage jewelry business for fun & extra income too. But mostly to keep these hidden treasures in collections all over the world. These pieces are "costume" but have a whole personality of their own. They bring out memories in people that my have been kept hidden. You may see a peice from the 60's that your school teacher wore to keep her sweater on her shoulders or even an awesome art deco piece that brings back the good old days of Hollywood glamour. You can mix these little gems with even the most casual of outfits and still they stand out. So I hope to meet some new friends at some online networking spots & make this new chapter in my life a nice change at my age. Reinventing myself at 52!!

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